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The last decade has offered a bundle of digital methods in which we can store our knowledge. Whether it’s cloud storage or nested hierarchy systems, saving and accessing our notes has never been easier.

This has been a game-changer for the learning and education sector, with thousands of students abandoning their writing pads for their laptops. But what are the effects of this digital transition? Is it worth following the crowd digitising our thoughts and work, or is it more sensible to sustain traditions with the historic pen and paper?

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Photo by Nicolas Thomas on Unsplash

Perhaps one of the key benefits in the surge of note-taking apps is the ability to store files efficiently. No longer must our shoulders suffer the weight of heavy binder files in our rucksacks. Thanks to applications like Evernote, notes can be stored and synced to devices anytime, anywhere. …


Joe Brown

2nd Year Music Student at University of Manchester. >>Check out my main blog here! (Neuroscience, philosophy, productivity…)

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